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We hire and invest in employees because we believe in committing to the relationship for the long term.

To begin the application process, review the list of open positions. After you find the position that interests you, submit your application online. We’ll review it and contact you if we have additional questions before proceeding to the next phase of the application process, which may include a candidate assessment and interviews.

Tell Us about Your Experience

It is important to us to hear about your experiences. Here at K & L Roofing and Construction, we find that knowing more about you helps us create a better working environment for everyone else. We want to make sure that all positions are filled by qualified and happy employees. We want to make sure that the job you apply for is going to be the best fit for both you and K & L Roofing and Construction.

Interviews ­­— Phone and On-site

K & L Roofing and Construction performs interviews over the phone and on site to make sure that each candidate is up to speed with all the necessary tasks. The roofing industry can be complex to people who are unfamiliar with it. Therefore, we want to expose each candidate to the reality of working in the field to better understand whether or not it is a fit for both parties.

When It Doesn’t Work Out

If K & L Roofing and Construction is not a fit for you, that is okay. There are still ways that we can help each other. Whether it is a project on your home or a home of a friend, family member, or neighbor, K & L Roofing and Construction can set you up in our referral program to make sure that you get the benefit of working with us.



K & L Roofing and Construction is looking for self driven, motivated, and organized individuals who are able to canvas areas, speak with homeowners, and manage their own accounts. The Sales Reps must be able to time manage their days. If the sales rep is comfortable on roofs and able to handle a 28ft and 32 ft ladder it is a plus. Highest commissions for Sales Representatives are given to those who are able to perform more tasks within the sales process.

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